Art by Degrees°
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Wagons & Carriages

Art by Degrees° can assist your needs to either rebuild, refurbish, build new or just create custom ironwork for your horse drawn vehicle.

With expert assistance of other Blacksmiths and horse industry people, we can assess and provide knowledgeable advice.

View our Wagons & Carriages Gallery for work carried out.

Areas of work

  • Wheel Repairs
  • Wheel Building
  • Seat Bases
  • Seating ironwork
  • Side Steps
  • Hinges
  • Harness Fittings
  • Spring Suspension Fittings
  • Lamp Holders
  • Rubber Tyre Fitting
  • Iron Tyre Fitting
  • Brass & Copper Embellishments
  • Swindle Bar Fittings
  • Racks & Holders
  • Brake Linkages
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