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Art by Degrees° receives numerous requests for either custom work creations or attendances to show the Blacksmith art and craft.

Custom Work Requests

Art by Degrees° can assist you with your desire to have that special ironwork piece that would complete your ideas.

Please view our Custom Work page for further details on how we can help.

Markets - Stalls - Events - Functions

Art by Degrees° not only displays and sells creations at its forge, but also attends other venues as required.

We are open to requests for our attendance at various Events & Functions to display our ancient art for the education and entertainment of those invited guests.

We can also attend various Markets & Stalls to add a unique attraction to the usual stalls found.

As examples of functions, events, markets and stalls we could attend, see the list below.

Blacksmithing Demonstration Events

  • Period Recreation Events
  • Fates and Stall Markets
  • Celebration Events
  • Skills and Craft Expositions
  • Artisans Trails
  • School Education & Functions
  • Collectors & Restorers Events
  • Farming Expositions
  • Self Sustained - Eco Events
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