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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are general questions about various matters pertaining to our business. If you cannot see a relevant question and answer that helps you, please feel free to Contact Us with your concern.

Please be aware that your submission may be listed here to help others.

Q: Can we follow Art by Degrees° on Facebook?
A: Yes we are on Facebook, you are more than welcome to Follow Us.

Q: Can we book your business for our event?
A: Please read our Requests Page for details and if this is to your needs, Contact Us with your details.

Q: Where can I see your work on display?
A: Please select from the Calendar of Events List - to the right of our pages. Here we list the various venues where we display our wares.

Q: Do you demonstrate at these events?
A: Please view the Event Pages and on them we will list our involvement level and also the type of fire we will be using if appropriate.

Q: Do you show all of your work at these events?
A: We will list which events we will have our full or partial range to view.

Q: Can we purchase your items at these events?
A: Yes, you can purchase our items at these events unless we mention otherwise.

Q: Do you have items that you do not sell that are on display?
A: We have several items that are not for sale because they are demonstration pieces or I'm not prepared to sell them as yet. They will not be labeled with price tags if this is the case.

Q: Can we come to your workshop to view your work?
A: Generally the answer is no, this is for the safety of our customers. Special requests can be considered though.

Q: If we purchased an item from you, could we collect it from your workshop?
A: We'd prefer if you took the item when purchased but we can also arrange delivery if need be. Consideration for workshop pickup is acceptable depending on the item in question.

Q: Can we purchase online through your web site?
A: At present we don't have a shopping cart system in place but you can Contact Us and tell us what you want to purchase. Please see our Purchasing Page for details. Payment will be accepted and cleared prior to shipping of the product.

Q: Can we order custom work from you?
A: Yes you can. If you have an idea of a product that you want, Contact Us with this idea and if possible, a picture - either a photograph or hand drawn can be emailed to us. We can then discuss the item from there and finalize your idea.

Q: Do you do restoration work?
A: We can do restoration / repair work. If the item in question is of heritage importance, I would prefer to recommend a Specialist Restoration Blacksmith for this type of work.

Q: Can you make hand tools?
A: We can make hand tools depending on the tool required. Please Contact Us to see if we decide to take on the request.

Q: Can you make edgeware, such as knives, daggers or swords?
A: I am not an expert bladesmith but for general purpose or ornamental edgeware, we can once again consider the request. We don't handle swords in general due to their length.

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