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About Our Business

Our work is forged by hand, hammer and anvil. Because of our hands on approach, construction can be slow and painstaking, but attention to detail will be uncompromised and we know that our special customers will appreciate this dedication.

Our business name, Art by Degrees°, was chosen as it allows us the scope to expand into numerous areas of interest and materials, while maintaining the basis of Blacksmithing.

And if you consider the name, it provides meaning on many levels, such as:-

  • Pure art to functional items.
  • Works created through heat.
  • Traditional Blacksmithing through to modern process.
  • Incorporation of various mediums with metal.

Blacksmithing Equipment

We run a portable coke fired or gas fired forge. This allows us to choose which fire to use for off-site demonstrations as appropriate. We also use different size anvils to facilitate the work we would be demonstrating. A lot of our tooling is found through word of mouth and purchased but Blacksmiths are known for making their own tools. As required, we design, forge and heat treat our own tooling which just furthers our ability in the skill of blacksmithing. Access to other Blacksmiths also allows us to gain alternate ideas and processes, not to mention, their abilities and facilities as well.

Blacksmithing Demonstration Events

Art by Degrees° also provides the ability to demonstrate its craft at remote locations.

Special events and markets are the usual functions where you'll find us but other events can be considered as well.

Please go to our Requests Page to view further details.

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